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TAMS equine grant - What equine farmers need to know

The Irish Field and Helen Sharp got some insight from DAFM into what equine farmers will need to have in place in order to be eligible to apply for grand aid under the TAMS scheme
TAMS equine grant - What equine farmers need to know

The Irish Field and Helen Sharp got some insight from DAFM into what equine farmers will need to have in place in order to be eligible to apply for grand aid under the TAMS scheme.

With the latest release of TAMS information from DAFM, details regarding the list of items and costings have been shared. This list can be found in the previous ITBA news article: click here to read. Many breeders will surely have questions about how to apply for the grants successfully. The TAMS applications will be new to equine breeders and farmers this year, and like most grant applications, it is not as straightforward as it may first appear.

Currently, the DAFM have not finalised full terms and conditions. They are expected to be released in mid-March when the branch that contains the equine grants, Animal Welfare and Storage Scheme, opens for applications. In the meantime, in general, the terms and conditions for the previous TAMS (2) scheme are very similar to the upcoming TAMS 3 scheme (minus the equine), and so it would be a good idea to familiarse yourself with the language, terminology and eligibility criteria from the last round. You can find those here: Animal Welfare and Storage Scheme

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Important things to consider before making an application:

Any grant received is based on the lower of the build prices e.g. the cost of a gate may be €150 from your supplier whereas the given costing on the DAFM list could be €250 - in a case as such as this you will only be able to claim for the €150 (or whichever cost is the lower)

Breeders needs to have an approval of the applications from the Department BEFORE investing - you can't invest now and claim later.

Grant claim timeline:

  • The grant scheme for equine specific items will open in mid-March (Animal Welfare and Storage Scheme)
  • The window for applications will be three months and will close in June
  • All applications are evaluated on a points system. This is not a first come first served system.
  • Applications will be ranked by points awarded against specific set criteria.
  • Approved applications will be informed by DAFM and any not approved will automatically roll over to be considered in the next round which opens immediately after the first round closes (four rounds per year). TAMS is an on-going rolling system which will continue until all funds are allocated.
  • If you are approved you can then go ahead and build, then claim back the grand money and then must submit receipts.
  • Payment will issue within 3 weeks once it has been determined that that work has been completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the scheme. A deadline will be applicable for completion of the relevant investment works.
  • It is important to not that whatever you claim for on your applications must be EXACTLY what you purchase otherwise you can receive a 100% penalty on inspection and you will not get any grant aid.


  • Between 5-20% of applicants will be inspected prior to approval.
    Between 5-20% of applicants will be inspected pre-payment.
    5% of applicants will be inspected post-payment.
  • Up to 48 hours notice of an inspection will be given.

What are the basic entry requirements?

Although these will be confirmed when the scheme opens in mid-March, DAFM have told The Irish Field that there will be some minimum requirements to qualify for a payment and they will include:

  1. You must be registered with DAFM (have an equine premise number)
  2. You must have a minimum of five hectares of land, owned or leased
  3. You must be eligible for the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) for those acres (although you do not need to be in receipt of those payments)
  4. You MUST have put in a BPS applications BEFORE applying for a TAMS 3 grant - BPS applications open at the end of February.

How much am I entitled to?

  • Equine applications have a ceiling of €90,000 across the five-year TAMS 3 cycle.
  • you can use €90,000 up in a single application or multiple applications over the five-year period.
  • Equine farmers are entitled to 40% grant aid with exception of young farmers who are entitled to 60% and female farmers who are also entitled to 60% grant aid.
  • It is also good to note that equine farmers working agricultural land and working in agricultural activities are also entitled to apply for a number of other grans in the TAMS 3 scheme.

Should I use a farm advisor?

Many other farmers employ farm advisors to help with grant application such as TAMS because small errors in applications can lead to large losses of grant aid.

It is completely up to you if you use a farm advisor to support you in your application but the cost of an advisor may secure you the cost of what you really need. If you choose not to use a farm advisor then it is important you take your time, go over your application very carefully and marke sure every box is ticked and you have submitted an application with no errors.

This is not a comprehensive guide so it is vital that you keep up to date with information from DAFM to provide technical support with your application.

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Change of entity and allocation of TAMS II business ids:

ITBA thanks The Irish Field and Helen Sharp for this article.

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