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African Horse Sickness Outbreak in Thailand

African Horse Sickness Outbreak in Thailand

OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) that African Horse Sickness (AHS) has been confirmed in Thailand over last weekend with 42 horse deaths so far, from 67 confirmed cases. The source of the disease is being investigated in Thailand.

The below link provides you with the information that we have received:

AHS is a highly infectious and almost invariably fatal equine disease transmitted by insect vector (biting midges) between ALL Equidae, e.g. horses, donkeys, mules, zebras. The ongoing AHS outbreak in Thailand is believed to be the first such in South East Asia. It is at this time unclear how the disease has been transferred from one continent to another. There are indications that [possibly illegal] traffic of zebras or donkeys/mules (or possibly of donkey skins) might be the cause of this disease transfer.

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